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The greatest musician, genuine performer and a very sensitive to his audience composer, Alexandre Desplat is a multiple winner of Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards and Grammies. The composer has worked on the most successful projects of the last decade namely The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, the latest part of the super sequel Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, The Twilight Saga: Mew Moon, the art house masterwork The Grand Budapest Hotel, fantastic horror film Godzilla and others.
The composer was born in Paris to native French father and Greek mother. His parents met when studied at the University of California, Berkeley and later on moved to Paris.
Alexandre showed interest to music at the age of five starting playing piano, however the little boy made great success playing trumpet and flute. His musical interests were extremely wide. He listened to classical composers, jazz performers and exotic music of various nations. South American and African artists greatly influenced his further inner development. And young Desplat set his ambitions on becoming a film composer.
His music career in film industry started in early ‘80s. He worked on numerous films and composed extensively for French movie industry. He worked occasionally for Hollywood and created music for over 100 films including 1992 Family Express, 1998 Sweet Revenge, 1992 Lapse of Memory, but still remained unnoticed. The greatest Hollywood breakthrough of the composer came with track for the film project Girl with a Pearl Earring of 2003.
He composed individual tracks for such artists as Kate Beckinsale, Valerie Lemercier, Catherine Ringer.
In 2007 Desplat created the breakthrough scores for Mr.Magorium’s Wonder Emporium and Golden Compass. Prior to this greatly successful projects the composer created award winning scores for such projects as The Luzhin Defence , Birth, The Painted Veil and may others.
It was Desplat who inspired the films as Coco avant Chanel and Largo Winch with heart touching chords. Alexandre Desplat headed the jury of the 71st Venice International Film Festival.

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