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The Rolling Stones is a genuinely prodigious rock and roll band formed in 1962 which has been a real music phenomenon of the 20th century as right in the 60s they called their new band the world’s greatest rock and roll group and nobody argued even then. The history of the revolutionary rock’n’roll crew started on May 2 when Brian Jones placed an ad inviting enthusiastic musicians to audition for a new group. In 1963 the Rollings signed with Andrew Oldham who saw the Stones as anti-Beatles. Already in 1964 the Rolling Stones were too great to perform in night clubs and to give local concerts so they went on their first tour through Britain and then rolled into America which was of the greatest success.

Through the second part of the 20th century and on the edge of centuries the band still sounds vital. The Rolling Stones has set the new look of the rock and roll genre as their music art and songs have done much more to define the sounding and the attitude of the genre than any other band of music performer of that time. The Rollings art started as gruffer, faster and bolder version of Chicago blues, however the new group started as a part of British Rock Invasion. The band quickly got the nickname of “bad boys” explicitly putting the concepts of brutality, sex, wild behavior, drugs and power and other taboos. After more than 50 years together the band has scored 8 #1 singles and 10 gold albums.

The original crew of the Stones was Mick Jagger as lead vocal and harmonica player, Keith Richards sounding on back vocal and playing guitar, Charlie Watts on the drums, Brian Jones on back vocal, harmonica, sitar and guitar, Ian Stewart playing piano, Bill Wyman as back vocal singer and bass guitar player. Today the crew performs in the next line up:
Mick Jagger still being the lead vocal and harmonica player, Keith Richards as guitar player and Ron Wood playing bass guitar and Charlie Watts still drumming the drums.
The Stones has been the most famous band of the new counterculture. The famous rock and roll crew has been much influenced by American blues and the renowned artists as Little Richards, Fats Domino, jazz performer Miles Davis. The Stones evolved in a completely new music genre as rock and roll had never been as vivid and vital as with the Rollings.

The Rolling Stones: Charlie Watts, Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger

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