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Miley Cyrus is one of the most controversial performers on the global scene. She is one of the few performers getting title of the "Most Charted Teenager”. Born in 1992 Miley first appeared on TV when she was only 8 in TV series DOC filmed by her father, who is a country singer. When the girl was 11 she got a proposal of audition to the lead of Hannah Montana, a Disney project which gave her prominence. However the celebrity is mostly known for her singing talent which she revealed to wider audience in 2007 with her breakthrough debut album Meet Miley Cyrus with her super hit See You Again.

The lowest selling album by the singer is Can’t Be Tamed. Throughout 2011 and 2012 the girl majorly acted for film industry. Cyrus is mostly known for bold creation of sexually explicit controversial images on the stage. Her hits Wrecking Balls and We Can’t Stop are promoted with very explicit clips.

Forbes ranked young Miley 13th on the Celebrity 100 Chart by the periodical. The style of Cyrus is very hard to characterize. Commonly her style is recognized as pop music. Some music critics name her songs upbeat and girl-oriented. Other experts claim that Cyrus singing is nothing more that karaoke style as most of the themes the singer produces are very similar to those tracks you can hear in her debut star movie Hannah Montana. Most of her songs keep tokens of country style inherited from her father. Her career was greatly affected by her debut movie.


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