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Alan Antony Silvestri is an internationally reputed composer creating scores in film and television industry. In his early childhood Alan revealed his passionate interest towards music and tried various instruments to create his own music: from drums to classical instruments as bassoon, to jazzing saxophone and rocking guitar. During school time young Alan formed numerous bands and experimented with his talents in the field of composing music. His passion to music led him to the Berkley College of Music where the young artist studied for two years. After college Silvestri met Wayne Cochran and got engaged in Cochran’s popular music band as a guitar player touring through the USA. His tours led Silvestri to Hollywood where he got his first film score project. A result of his initial attempt in score composing was a set of greatly successful tracks for The Doberman Gang of 1972.

For nearly five years Silvestri scored for small films until the composer was engaged in a major TV show project. Alan got a proposal to compose tracks for the 2nd season of the CHIPs (hit drama series) in 1977. The composer created energizing percussive tracks helping the cops to give real chase. His style greatly impressed Robert Zemeckis who offered Alan a breakthrough project for score composing career. Silvestri created amazing score for comedy hit Romancing the Stone of 1984.This particular project gave Silvestri a start to immensely prosperous career in collaboration with renowned film director.

Alan Silvestri created over 100 scores for hit movies among which Oscar winning drama Forest Gump (1994), trilogy Back to the Future (started in 1985), Grammy winning tracks for Cast Away (of 2000) and 2004 Polar Express .

Later on Alan embarked on a new business. To inspire his passion to music writing Silvestri started a private vineyard. The composer compares wine to music claiming that both processes of wine and music creation combine art and technology. He says: as every vine gives special delicacy to the wine, so every note gives its individual tone to a tune.

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