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Jerald King Goldsmith was a renowned American score creator known for his individual trade mark features: ultimate tracks for Star Trek saga, his ponytail and thunderous tunes. He got proper music education with Jakob Gimpel giving him piano classes, Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco teaching music philosophy, tune composing classes and symphonic counterpoint. The young music creator also got the basics of scoring attending classes by Miklos Rozsa.

Composing career of a young amateur musician started at CBS company where he was hired as typist, however Jerry was charged with to create scores for live radio series as top rated Romance and popular CBS Radio Workshop. During his work at CBS the young composer managed to create scores for The Twilight Zone of 1959.

His next project was by Revue Studios to write music for the drama series Thriller in 1960. While scoring for this project the young musician was noted by Alfred Newman who offered Jerry to try his luck and talent by scoring for Lonely Are the Brave which gave Jerry Goldsmith a rapid start to his movie music making career.


A distinctive feature of the tracks composed by Jerry Goldsmith appeared to be his courage to push sounding through and beyond the conventional film music boundaries. The creator was not afraid to use manifold of electronic tones and notes mixing them with natural sounds heard in the wild life. This greatest distinction is clearly heard in the scores created for Planet of Apes (the initial version of 1968). To sense the genius of the movie better Jerry Goldsmith put on an ape mask when creating the track. Among his scores you can enjoy Freud 1962, The Sand Pebbles, A Patch of Blue. The creator won Oscar for the greatest soundtrack for Omen, however the composer denied an idea of getting a high award for a horror show. Jerald Goldsmith toured giving stunning concerts of his own music globally. His favorite place to perform was London Symphony Orchestra.

The prominent composer died in 2004 having left over a hundred of successful scores for hit movies and TV shows.

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