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Metallica is the leading heavy and thrash metal music band known since the 20th century. It was started in 1981 when then unknown James Hetfield found an ad calling music enthusiasts to unite in a group placed by Lars Ulrich. The current line-up of the group comprises James Hetfield and initial founder Lars Ulrich as vocalist and drummer and Kirk Hammett as leading guitar player and Robert Trujillo as the master of bass. The longest collaboration of the group with one manager was from 1990 to 2003 with producer Bob Rock who managed all of the Metallica albums of this period and replaced the temporary missing bassists.

Metallica won the hearts of underground music fans and got the greatest critical appraisal with its four debuting albums. The Masters of Puppets album of 1986 was acclaimed as one of a few most influential albums ever. The band got the greatest commercial promotion with the same name album "Metallica” (The Black Album).

Thrash metal monsters have created 9 studio albums, 5 live albums, 26 videos and 37 hit singles. The greatest masters of the heaviest and thrash metal music have won 9 Grammies in their lifespan. 5 of their albums topped the Billboard 200 consequently. Their Metallica album was sold in 16 millions of copies in the USA. Today Metallica is considered to be one of the greatest commercial startups in music industry of all the times. Due to the greatest success Metallica started its own recording brand Blackened Recordings for complete ownership of their albums and music clips. In 2015 the group releases its 10th studio album.

Group leader James Hetfield got treatment of his addictions in 2001. After finishing the rehab period the musician sufficiently reduced his hours in band performing to four in a day to get more time to spend with family.

In 2001 the band got engaged in filming a documentary about their recording progress which was premiered in 2004 under the nickname Some Kind of Monster.

In 2006 a DVD "The Videos 1984-2004” was released by the band. In 2007 the band recorded their interpretation of Ennio Morricone popular theme The Ecstasy of Gold for a commemorating concert We all love Ennio Morricone. Their tribute track got Grammy Award.

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