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Madonna is one of the most extravagant stars in the entertaining industry ever performing on the global stage. Born in 1958 to a catholic family Madonna had a very difficult not in conventional terms of prosperity, but in terms of family circle as he mother died from cancer and as Madonna claimed herself, she missed the concept of death of the dearest person in her life. This very experience has greatly affected the rest of her life and the rest of Madonna herself. She turned rebellious, though she would not talk about her behavior as rebellious. She put stakes on studying and not on her image as most girls did at her age.

Her career is distinctively parted into two streams of great success and real hardships. In 1978 Madonna moved to New York to study and make her way in the dancing and singing career. The girl worked with Alvin Ailey choreographer and Patrick Hernandez to form a band. At this very point she started working on her first singles which she passed to Sire Records in 1982. This started her stream of success as her singles and tapes were released in millions and snapped up immediately after appearing on the store shelves. She continuously dominated the hottest USA charts and her first singles became the greatest club hits of the time. The 80s were considered a genuine Madonna boom as the singing industry of that time lacked something hot, sexy, revolutionary, bold, uncensored, forbidden and even brutal. All of these notions are exact definition of singing and performing style of Madonna. She still maintains her reputation and continues to create explicit songs and shooting immodest music videos.

Unfortunately the music and singing success has not give the singers a desired satisfaction as Madonna has split her activity into music making and film acting, Her first attempts to get in the movie making industry got a rather tepid critical esteem. Her best acting projects are Evita (1996), Die Another Day (2002) and Four Rooms (1995). By the way, she won the Worst Actress award for Die Another Day.

Madonna set a record in 1998 for the greatest number of golden hits in the career. The Ray of Light is considered to be the greatest album by Madonna according her fans.

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