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Duran Duran is one of the greatest music bands of the 20th century having already gained immense success on the edge of the 21st one. The group emerged in 1978 hyping the musical fans all over the world through 1980s. The band was one of the first performers introduced to the MTV world. The provocative music group has pushed 14 of their singles to the top of UK Singles charts as well as 21 of their greatest hits to the top of the Billboard HOT 100 charts. Since their first successful album their records were sold in more than 120 million copies. The group has started its way the New Romaticism genre (also known as Blitz Kids) however the crew has fast outgrew the image. Duran Duran was one of the few popular bands to hire pro designers and stylists to create really sharp and distinctive scenic image. Their singles and albums have won numerous awards, among the hottest awards there is the BRIT Award for Duran Duran Outstanding contribution to music.
Apart from new performance and style on the scene, the Duran Duran has implemented several innovative features in the process of music making and public performance. The boys were first to hire professional movie makers to shoot their outstanding and very controversial videos with 35mm pro cameras. The music clips of Duran Duran have always had a more polished and distinctive look than mainstream clips. Another innovation, introduced by the Duran Duran band in 1984, has shifted the concert giving industry. The band used huge screens to make their performance closer and better visible to the audience in the rear part of a stadium or a concert hall.
Duran Duran first appeared with Rick Rhodes, Simon Le Bon, Andy Taylor, Roger, Taylor and John Taylor in the initial line-up. Through the three decades of their performance the very first line up has been many times reorganized and shifted. By the 2000 the band shocked the global fan audience with the initial reunion which unfortunately lasted only till 2006 with Andy Taylor leaving the group once again. Despite major transformations the Duran Duran project has never disbanded. The debut album of the group was Duran Duran (1981). In 1993 the band repeated the Duran Duran album with other songs.

Simon Le Bon, John Taylor, Roger Taylor, Nick Rhodes

Simon Le Bon, John Taylor, Roger Taylor, Nick Rhodes

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