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Clint Mansell is a British music creator, performer one of the co-founders of the pop group Pop Will Eat Itself which disbanded in 1996. The artist then met Darren Aronofsky, who directed several movie projects. Aronofsky engaged young musician into film scoring and offered him to compose tracks and tunes for his very first movie Pi. After Pi, Clint Mansell cooperated with Aronofsky composing for the next movie projects. Requiem for a Dream turned to be one of the most popular projects of their cooperation. Since Clint met Aronofsky in 1996 the composer has scored for every movie project of the film director.
Other popular movie projects for which Clint Mansell scored are as follows: The Hole, The Fountains, The Wrestler. Another successful project Clint Mansell scored for is Black Swan by his old mate Aronofsky – the film which was nominated for best movie awards and won Chicago Film Critics Association Award.
Clint Mansell has greatly contributed to the sensational trailer of one of the parts of Lord of the Rings which was The Two Towers as his primary composition for the Requiem for a Dream was taken as the core theme for a trailer though a bit rearranged. The trailer has got a unique piece of music named Requien for a Tower. The music was rearranged with orchestra and choir reflecting the style of the composer mixing orchestral music with expressive electronic instruments. Since that successful tune created the prime theme of the first film score has become extremely popular being used in YouTube clips, advertisements and other trailers. The music these has been used on TV for popular TV show as Top Gear and TV series Lost. Its chords are played Sky Sport News. It was used for a trailer for Red Sox Yankees in 2007 for MLB season.
By now Clint Mansell has scored for over 40 movie projects.
In 2011 Clint Mansell won the Soundtrack Composer of the Year Award.

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