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Irish group U2 was born in the far 1976. Its initial lineup was formed by young and then low proficiency teenagers Bono who took leading vocal and got to master guitar, enthusiastic guitar master Edge who also supported vocal, Adam Clayton mastering electric bass and drummer Jr. Larry Mullen. Initially the amateur group was moving to perform in the post punk genre, however the dominance of many popular genres forced the boys out of the niche. By now the group has established in the rock genre.

The boys got their first contract with Island Records after four years of their humble performance in 1980 ad released their first album under the stage name Boy. By the middle eighties the project had become more popular as a show group than as album seller. It was so until late eighties and the year 1987 – the year in which the guys released their next disk named the Joshua Tree promoting the boys from average singers, players and performers to superstars of the stage.

Te period of late 80s appeared to be the run of harsh criticism and real stagnation for the boys due to their grand solemn image on the stage. This was the core factor promoting the band to reinvent their style in 1991 with their next sensational disk under the name Achtung Baby! This project has become a fusion of dance light music, hard alternative and rush and hardcore industrial dominance of rock sounds. Te group has created a slightly ironic look and stage image.

The next two albums of 2001 and 2004 presented a new sounding which had become more traditional and easily fit in the mainstream music and fan niche.

The years 2009-2011 were the period of the greatest success with their 360 Tour which is by now recognized the most visited and the highest grossing group performance of their history.

The U2 project has greatly contributed to the music industry with their 13 studio albums. The boys have sold over 150 million copies globally and are now recognized as best bought music performers of all the times. The project has won over 20 Grammy Awards.
 Adam Clayton, The Edge, Bono, Larry Mullen, Jr.


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