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Howard Shore is a grand master of music creation of Canadian origin who first worked for TV industry directing short TV shows and comedy sketches. His very first serious film scoring work was for Cronenberg. Shore created top music and soundtracks for the Brood. Since their first successful cooperation Shore scored all the movies but one by the film director. The first film out of this tight cooperation turned to be the After Hours by Scorsese.

Howard Shore is known for his ominous music themes, his dark style is considered his trademark. He is noted for the heavy use of classical instruments in his music particularly violins. Shore was noticed in very few projects not initialized and leaded by Cronenberg. However the greatest success in thriller movie niche the creator won with his 1991 The Silence of the Lamb movie. The film score and the music creator got BAFTA award for the project. Howard Shore appears to be the only live musician and music creator who managed to score a Top 5 Oscar winning movie.

Another milestone in the career of the composer is his cooperation with David Fincher and scoring for his excellent movies as The Game and the greatest thriller Seven.

In 2001 Shore was introduced into the creation of the sensational triplet of the Lord of the Rings. The music creator started to compose soundtracks for The Fellowship of the hit Ring (the initial part of the famous triplet). Shore worked for the other two part of the Ring Trilogy. His themes were put on the list for nomination of Academy Award but then were banned according the rules of the Academy. Still Shore was nominated and won BAFTA award.

In 2004 Shore turned back to collaboration with Scorsese and scored for his movie the Aviator which brought the music creator the second Golden Globe Award.

In 2007 Shore scored for is very first video game The Soul of the Ultimate Nation.

Today the composer goes on the collaboration with Cronenberg and Scorsese.

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