• Genre: Soundtrack
  • Music By: Christophe Beck, Various artists
  • Release: 2013
  • Time: 02:09:24
  • Tagline: From the creators of 'Tangled' and 'Wreck-It Ralph'... 

Disc 1
1. The Cast of Frozen - Frozen Heart
2. Kristen Bell, Agatha LeeMonn, Katie Lopez - Do You Want To Build A Snowman?
3. Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel - For The First Time In Forever
4. Kristen Bell, Santino Fontana - Love Is An Open Door
5. Idina Menzel - Let It Go
6. Jonathan Groff - Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People
7. Josh Gad - In Summer
8. Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel - For The First Time In Forever (Reprise)
9. Frozen, Maia Wilson - Fixer Upper
10. Let It Go
11. Christophe Beck, Cantus - Vuelie
12. Elsa and Anna
13. The Trolls
14. Coronation Day
15. Heimr Arnadalr
16. Winter's Waltz
17. Sorcery
18. Royal Pursuit
19. Onward and Upward
20. Wolves
21. The North Mountain
22. We Were So Close
23. Marshmallow Attack!
24. Conceal, Don't Feel
25. Only An Act of True Love
26. Summit Siege
27. Return to Arendelle
28. Treason
29. Some People Are Worth Melting For
30. Whiteout
31. Christophe Beck, Frode Fjellheim - The Great Thaw (Vuelie Reprise)
32. Epilogue
Disc 2
1. For the First Time in Forever (Demo)
2. Love Is An Open Door (Demo)
3. We Know Better (Outtake)
4. Spring Pageant (Outtake)
5. More Than Just the Spare (Outtake)
6. You're You (Outtake)
7. Life's Too Short (Outtake)
8. Life's Too Short (Reprise) (Outtake)
9. Reindeer(s) Remix (Outtake)
10. The Ballad of Olaf & Sven (Score Demo / Teaser Trailer)
11. Queen Elsa of Arendelle (Score Demo)
12. Hans
13. It had to be Snow
14. Meet Olaf
15. Hands for Hans
16. Oaken's Sauna
17. Thin Air
18. Cliff Diving
19. The Love Experts
20. Elsa Imprisoned
21. Hans' Kiss
22. Coronation Band Suite
23. Let It Go (Instrumental Karaoke / Idina Version)
24. For the First Time in Forever (Instrumental Karaoke)
25. Love is an Open Door (Instrumental Karaoke)
26. In Summer (Instrumental Karaoke)
27. Let It Go (Instrumental Karaoke / Demi Version)

 Elsa, Hans, Anna, Olaf, Sven and Kristoff

Frozen is the greatest production of Walt Disney Pictures since the release of Cinderella and Snow White. The animated story is very loosely adapted fro original Hans Christian Andersen fairytale about a Nordic Kingdom and two orphaned sisters Elsa and Anna who are charged to run the kingdom. Elsa has a magic power of snow and ice shooting from her fingertips. The girl is conceived to retreat and hide her extra powers in mountains. When their parents die Elsa goes furious and completely looses control and accidentally uses her power and curses everything around and the Kingdom in the infinite winter. Anna sets on a journey to convince her sister to return. The girl teams up with a mountain climber. Anna and Kristof overcome horrible challenges, meat funny creatures as magic buck toothed snowman Olaf and dangerous villains on their way. Surely Anna and Kristof fall for each other on the background of saving the Kingdom from the destruction, however the story is mainly focused on sisters and family relations.

The animated story by Walt Disney Pictures has become one of the highest grossing cartoons in the cinema history and the highest grossing cartoon project of the year 2014. The world's box sales revenues equaled one billion 274 million US dollars. The Frozen cartoon has become extremely popular outside the North America. In Japan this animated movie has earned over 294 million dollars.

The characters of this magic cartoon have eared recognition and unbelievable popularity promoting the cartoon creators to produce another story in a short project Frozen Fever. The short sequel of Frozen will be demonstrated together with a new adaptation of Cinderella by Walt Disney Pictures.

Frozen is not only the greatest cartoon release of 2014, and is not only the best animated story of the last 20 years of Disney Animation Studio production, it is one of the most listened to cartoons ever. The scores, songs and tunes of the cartoon Frozen has hit the top charts and sails and is now one of the top selling soundtrack. The Frozen score album is the top selling tunes of 2014 on iTunes.

The key tune of the cartoon songs «Let it go» still hits the records of sales and downloads in USA and UK. The tune has not only topped the chart of Billboard 200, but has become the most popular song in UK charts. Moreover the song has outsold the legendary Lion King and Mamma Mia soundtracks.

It is worth to mention that the Frozen tunes and music have already got three platinum certifications.

The cartoon song album comprises 10 original compositions created by Kristen Anderson and Robert Lopez. Over 20 score pieces were born by genuine Christophe Beck. The hit song of the cartoon has won numerous awards with Grammy and Critics' Choice, Academy Award, Golden Globe awards among them.

The songs are sold in two edition: regular one-disk edition and deluxe two disk version which contains original demos and unused pieces of scores and songs as well as instrumental covers of tracks.

When debuted the release hit the 18th spot of the Billboard 200. By the end of 2014 the animated winter story has scored over 40 weeks on top of Billboard 200 non-consecutively. By April 2015 the cartoon has sold over 10 million disks globally with 4 million disks in the United States.

One of the keys to popularity of the tunes is the date of its release. The songs debuted in November, right on the winter's eve when the world around is breathing with winter, frost and magic.

Academy Awards,
Best Animated Feature Film of the Year
Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Song
Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Robert Lopez - Let It Go
BAFTA Awards

BAFTA Kids Vote - Feature Film

Children's Award

Best Animated Film
Golden Globes
Best Animated Feature Film
Grammy Awards
Best Song Written for Visual Media
Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media
Saturn Award
Best Animated Film

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