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Steve Jablonsky is a prominent film tunes composer born in October of 1970 in the United States. His mother is of Japanese origin. The boy did not perform any interest towards music playing or creation in the childhood, by the age of 17 he went to the Berkley College of University of California where he joined the course of programming science, however a the next academic year the student switched to music creation department. After college Steve Jablonsky was accepted to Remote Control Production studio started and headed by Hans Zimmer as an intern. Later on a watershed meeting happened in the life of promising film score composer. He met Harry Gragson Williams who offered the young music creator a position of his assistant. The composer then was tightly engaged in the project of Desperate Housewives creating marvellous themes for the most successful series of the beginning of the 21st century.
Steve Jablonsky is best known and nominated for the project of Desperate Housewives and his scoring for Transformers series. The composer has also been engaged in video games soundtrack creation. The most popular video games Metal Gear Solid II, fascinating Transformers: The Game, dynamic Gears of War series and the Sims 3.
Today the composer is associated primarily with Transformers. His unique scores for the films are distinctive and much waited by his fan community. Once the Transformers movie was released and the score album was delayed. The fans of Steve Jablonsky started a petition which was signed by more than 5000 users. The album was released four months later and gained the greatest popularity.
Steve Jablonsky has been engaged in many projects replacing famous composers and music artists to bring some sound character to films, games and TV shows. The most popular TV series and shows scored by the American composer are Live from Baghdad for CNN, Desperate Housewives, famous documentary series Seven Wonders of the Industrial World.
Steve Jablonsky has won several awards for his film sound creations: BMI TV Music Award for Desperate Housewives in 2009, BMI Film Music Awards for Transformers 2009 Revege of the Fallen, 2011 Dark of the Moon. In 2014 Steve Jablonsky was nominated for Best Original Score for his music work for Transformers: Age of Extinction by Hollywood Music In Media Awards. Several of his works were nominated by the International Film Music Critics Award for the Best original score for the comedy film ad the best original score for video game. However none of them were got.

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