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French composer Eric Serra was born in September of 1959 near the world's capital of romance Paris. When he was hardly 7 years old his mom died. His music talent was mostly influenced by his famous dad Claude Serra who was a a song writer and music creator. Young and talented Eric started mastering guitar at 11 and by 15 years old he has become a genuine master of guitar play. In the early 1980s Eric Serra met a genuine movie maker Luc Besson who offered young artist to try his music composing talent in scoring for his then first planned film L'Avant Dernier. This first cooperation put the start for a long movie scoring career of the artist. In the 80s Eric played guitar for renowned singer and musician Jacques Higelin accompanying  singer's studio and stage performances.
1995 was a significant period in the life of the French composer as he managed to create great soundtracks for the much waited come back of James Bond under the release name GoldenEye and to record the very first real rock album under the name of "RXRA” which was available for sale in French, English and containing several tracks in Japanese and Spanish.
In 2000 Eric Serra left the cooperation with Luc Besson and tried his scoring talent in other film industry directions composing soundtracks for L'Art de la seduction, Rollerball, Wasabi, Bandidos and others. He was the composer to create sounds and tunes for the greatest collaboration of Cirque du Soleil and the renowned illusionist Criss Angel known to the audience by the name of Believe in Las Vegas.
In 2006 the composer turned back to cooperation with Luc Besson creating soundtracks and tunes for his Arthur's trilogy and other movies by the film maker.
Eric Serra has been nominated many times for various awards, however there are only two  in his scoring career heritage. The won awards are the BMI Film and TV Awards for GoldenEye of 1995 and France Cesar Award for the best tunes in Le Grand bleu movie.
Serra has not appeared often on the screen giving preference to backstage. However he represented the personage of Enrico the bassist in Subway – a famous movie by Luc Besson.

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