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Nirvana is the greatest rock music formation ever known. It was started in the United States in 1987. The idea of group creation came to young and promising artist Kurt Cobain – the leader of the band. Nirvana line up started with Krist Novoselic and Kurt Cobain only. The prime single theme by the group was fabulated in 1988 named Love Buzz. The group has tried numerous drum masters. The drummer Dave Grohl spent the longest time with the group since 1990. Nirvana was the most important music formation of all music industry and times having greatly affected the rock and alternative rock streams. The group released just three full fledged albums through the lifespan. The music formation gained worldwide recognition due to its creative leader Kurt Cobain, a genuine musician and singer. Mass media named Kurt the leader and genuine representative of the X generation and called the group the generation X flagship music formation.
The last 80s the formation set itself in the niche of the Seattle grunge. The first track album came to the music world in 1989. It was the Bleach. From this very album the group started developing its peculiar style of dynamic and eventually sharp contrasts of quite verses and strong and powerful sounding choruses.
In 1991 the rock band faced great success and recognition with the leading soundtrack "Smells like teen spirit” being the core motive of the second song album introduced under the brand name Nevermind. Its success boosted the growth of alternative  rock globally. The third Nirvana album greatly challenged the fan community as it performed sharply abrasive chords and less mainstream sounding, which was very distinctive from the sounding the band fans was used to. Tough being critically acclaimed the In Utero release which was born in 1993 did not hit the record set by the second song set of the band. Nirvana stopped existing after the Kurt death in 1994. Though the Nirvana lifespan was rather short, still it managed to sell over 100 million disks globally.
Nirvana is recognized as one of the highest selling groups of all the music industry times. In 2014 the band entered in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
The frontman of this genuine rock band Kurt Cobain was born in 1967. The greatest success of the second album pushed Cobain into depression. The artist doubted that his artistic message and personla vision in his songs are interpreted properly by the fan community. Kurt's personal life and problems often became subject to public discussion of mass media. Kurt fought with heroin addiction. He experienced great difficulties coping with his immense fame and attention of the public focused on him and his wife Courtney Love. At the age of 27 Cobain gave himself a shot in the head in his house.

Kurt Cobain

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