Category:Movie | Comedy | Drama

  • Genre: Soundtrack
  • Music By: Mick Jagger and Dave Stewart
  • Released: 2004
  • Time: 00:50:33
  • Tagline: Meet a man who never met a woman he didn't love. 

1. Old habits die hard

2. Blind leading the blind (live accoustic version)

3. New york Hustle

4. Let's make it up

5. Wicked time (Joss Stone & Nadirah Seid, vocals by M. Jagger)

6. Lonely without you (this christmas) (by M. Jagger & Joss Stone)

7. Darkness of your love (by Gary Mudbone Cooper & D. Stewart)

8. Jack the lad

9. Oh Nikki

10. Blind leading the blind

11. Standing in the rain

12. Counting the days

13. Old habits reprise

14. Alfie - Joss Stone

Golden Globes
Best Original Song - Motion Picture
Mick Jagger, David A. Stewart - Old Habits Die Hard
World Soundtrack Awards
Best Original Song Written for Film

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