The Muppet Show – The 25th Anniversary Collection

Muppet Show
Category:Movie | Comedy

  • Genre: Cast Recordings, Film Music, Television Music
  • Music By: VA
  • Released: 2002
  • Time: 01:03:55
  • Tagline: Kermit the Frog and his friends 

1. Muppets - The Muppet Show Theme
2. Mahna Mahna & Two Snowths - Mahna Mahna
3. Scooter - Theres A New Sound
4. Amazing Marvin Suggs - Lady Of Spain
5. Wayne & Wanda - Trees
6. Kermit Frog & Fozzie Bear - A Monologue By Fozzie Bear
7. Kermit Frog - Bein Green
8. Scooter & Fozzie Bear - Simon Smith And His Amazing Dancing Bear
9. Dr. Teeth & Electric Mayhem - Tenderly
10. Great Gonzo - Wishing Song
11. Miss Piggy - What Now My Love?
12. Kermit The Frog & Frog Chorus - Happy Feet
13. Muppets - We Got Us
14. Muppets - Closing Theme
15. Kermit Frog - Rainbow Connection
16. Kermit Frog & Fozzie Bear - Movin Right Along
17. Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhem - Can You Picture That?
18. Muppets - Finale: The Magic Store
19. Muppets - Hey A Movie& 33
20. Muppets - Happiness Hotel
21. Kermit Frog & Miss Piggy - The First Time It Happens
22. Muppets - Together Again
23. Muppets - Im Gonna Always Love You
24. Kermit Frog & Miss Piggy - Hell Make Me Happy
25. Kermit Frog - One More Sleep Til Christmas
26. Kermit Frog & Miss Piggy - Love Led Us Here
27. Great Gonzo - Im Going To Go Back There Someday

The Muppet Show is a British television programme produced by American puppeteer Jim Henson and featuring a cast of Muppets. After two pilot episodes, in 1974 and 1975, the show ran for five seasons beginning in 1976. The series shows a vaudeville- or music hall-style song-and-dance variety show, as well as glimpses behind the scenes of such a show. Kermit the Frog stars as a showrunner who tries to keep control of the antics of the other Muppet characters (and his temper), as well as keep the guest stars happy. The show was known for outrageous physical slapstick, sometimes absurdist comedy, and humorous parodies.Each episode also featured a human guest star. As the programme became popular, many celebrities were eager to perform with the Muppets on television and in film: by the end of its run over one hundred guest stars had appeared.

Many of the puppeteers also worked on Sesame Street. Muppet performers over the course of the show include Henson, Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Richard Hunt, Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, Louise Gold, Kathryn Mullen, Eren Ozker, and John Lovelady. Jerry Juhl and Jack Burns were two of the show writers.

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