Back to the Future

Back to the Future
Category:Movie | Adventure | Comedy | Fantasy

  • Genre: Soundtrack (Rock&Roll)
  • Music By: Various artists
  • Released: 1985
  • Time: 00:45:30
  • Tagline: He was never in time for his classes... He wasn't in time for his dinner... Then one day... he wasn't in his time at all. 

1. Huey Lewis & The News - Power Of Love
2. Lindsey Buckingham - Time Bomb Town
3. Alan Silvestri - Back to the Future Theme
4. Eric Clapton - Heaven Is One Step Away
5. Huey Lewis & The News - Back In Time
6. Alan Silvestri - Back to the Future Overture
7. Etta James - The Wallflower (Dance With Me Henry)
8. The Starlighters - Night Train
9. Marvin Berry & The Starlighters - Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine)
10. Marty McFly & The Starlighters - Johnny B. Good
11. Four Aces - Mr. Sandman
12. Johnny Ace - Pledging My Love
13. Fess Parker - The Ballad Of Davy Crockett

The DeLorean time machine is a licensed, registered vehicle in the state of California. While the vanity license plate used in the film says "OUTATIME", the DeLorean's actual license plate reads 3CZV657.

DeLorean tires - Goodyear.

The "Mr. Fusion Home Energy Converter", which is sitting on the DeLorean when Doc returns from the future, is made from a Krups coffee grinder.

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