Clive Barker's Jericho

Category:Game | Mystic | Thriller

  • Genre: Soundtrack
  • Music By: Cris Velasco
  • Release: 2007
  • Time: 00:30:07
  • Tagline: A storyline based on a quest through a lost city which has reappeared in a remote desert. Within the city is an evil from the dawn of time which must be hunted down and destroyed by a Special Forces squad using both conventional and arcane weapons. 

1. Corpse Behemoth
2. Final Confrontation
3. Firstborn Theme
4. Legend Of The Firstborn
5. Let Us Prey
6. Lichthammer
7. Lost Souls Of The Rub'al Khali
8. Maleficarum
9. Path Of The Righteous
10. The Child Crusaders
11. The Coloseum
12. The Pentinent Man / Vicus Spills His Guts
13. Unholy Rapture

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