Category:Game | Action

  • Genre: Score
  • Music By: Paul Ruskay
  • Release: 2008
  • Time: 00:57:02
  • Tagline: You are Joseph Turok, once a member of Wolf Pack — the most savage, merciless black ops squad of its time. Now, you have been attached by special order to Whiskey Company, an elite commando team, for what should have been a simple mission. Suddenly, your simple mission isn't quite so simple. Even worse, it quickly becomes apparent that Mendel-Gruman scientists have been terraforming and genetically engineering the once-barren planet for accelerated evolution. 

1. Intro-Prelude
2. The Lost Land
3. Bad Blood
4. Death Valley
5. Reunions
6. Ghost In The Shadow
7. Mother Superior
8. Killing Fields
9. The Shortest Straw
10. Down And Out
11. Heroes End
12. Salt In A Wound
13. End Of The Road
14. Into The Breach
15. An Eye For An Eye
16. End Credits

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