ICO: Melody in the Mist

Ico - Melody in the Mist
Category:Game | Action | Adventure

  • Genre: Soundtrack/Score
  • Music By: Michiru Oshima, pentagon
  • Released: 2002
  • Time: 00:25:36
  • Tagline: Imagine inheriting something that sets you apart from your friends and family; a physical feature you cannot hide but which will see you cast out from your homeland. A tragic inevitability haunts your birth - you know you will never reach adulthood. Alone and entombed, exiled from your family as a harbinger of bad luck, isolation is your only friend... Now imagine finding a kindred spirit in the darkness that surrounds you. Looking up and seeing a light so bright that it illuminates your path and asks for your help. Suddenly, escape seems possible. There are two of you now, and together you know much can be achieved. You know that a friendship like this can overcome whatever lies in your way... 

1. pentagon - Prologue
2. pentagon - Coffin
3. Michiru Oshima - Impression
4. Michiru Oshima - Castle In The Mist
5. Michiru Oshima - Beginning
6. Michiru Oshima - Who Are You?
7. pentagon - Darkness
8. pentagon - Heal
9. pentagon - The Gate
10. Michiru Oshima - Queen
11. pentagon - Continue
12. pentagon - Deja Vu
13. Michiru Oshima - Shadow
14. Michiru Oshima - Entity
15. Michiru Oshima - Collapse
16. Michiru Oshima, Steven Geraghty - ICO - You Were There

The soundtrack was composed by Michiru Oshima and pentagon; Oshima arranged arranged the songs Castle in the Mist, beginning and ICO -You were there-; pentagon arranged the other songs in the album, except Shadow and collapse, which were arranged by Masaaki Kaneko, who also worked on the game's Sound Design and Sound Effects. It also features a vocal performance by Stephen Geraghty on the song You Were There, whose lyrics were written by Lynne Hobday. Hitoshi Watanabe performed Guitar, Upright Electric Bass, Mandolin, Bouzouki and Ukelele parts for the soundtrack.

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