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Akira Yamaoka is a well known sound designer who majorly creates soundtracks for videos games. He is also known as a game producer who worked for a leading game industry Japanese company Konami. The greatest hits produced by the music artists are thrilling sounds of the mind blowing series Silent Hill.
Initially Akira Yamaoka focused on design starting the course at Tokyo Art College planning to follow design in his future life. He joined the Konami company in 1993 and immediately began working on the famous games Contra: Hard Corps, Sparkster and Sparkster 2. After the Konami announced casting of a music artist to compose tunes and sounds for Silent Hill Yamaoka made the greatest breakthrough in his career. He volunteered as the young composer believed that he was the only one to cope with the task. Yamaoka quitted the Konami company in 2009 and announced his start at the Grasshopper Manufacturer company where he joined Goichi Suda and his companion Shinji Mikami contributing to their action game project Shadows of the Damned. Akira Yamaoka was first appointed as the chief sound officer but later on he was engaged in production of the game.

In 2012 the composer announced his new single album release which he claimed to be completely different from traditional Silent Hill sounds.
When the composer is asked about his education in domain of design Akira Yamaoka that the college and the art has greatly affected his future occupation as he tries to mix art and music in his every creation. The famous artists who have influenced Akira Yamaoka, are Angelo Badalamenti and bands Metallica and Depeche Mode.

cover 2015 The Sandman (Movie)

2013 Killer Is Dead (Video Game)
2012 Black Knight Sword (Video Game)
2012 Sine Mora (Video Game)
2012 Silent Hill: Revelation 3D (Movie)
2012 Lollipop Chainsaw (Video Game)
2011 Julia X (Movie)
2011 Shadows of the Damned (Video Game)
2009 Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (Video Game)
2006 Silent Hill (Movie)
2004 Silent Hill 4: The Room (Video Game)
2003 Silent Hill 3 (Video Game)
2001 Silent Hill 2 (Video Game)
1999 Silent Hill (Video Game)

1994 Sparkster (Video Game)

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