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Carter Benedict Burwell was born in 1955 in New York, USA in a family of a math teacher and an entrepreneur. His parents were not into music, however the boy focused his attention on studying music and aimed at becoming a film composer. Carter has become renowned due to his close cooperation with the Coen brothers having created stunning music scores for all of their films but O Brother, Where Art Thou?, for which the composer created additional music passages completing score by T-Bone Burnett. Coens invited Carter to compose score for their Raising Arizona in 1987 for which Carter used country music to give the project a special character.

Carter Burwell is also known for his passion for odd and extraordinary film directors with the brightest example of his cooperation with Spike Jonez.
Among the best scores and films by Carter Burwell are Miller’s Crossing, The Blind Side, The Spanish Prisoner, Where the Wild Things Are, Hamlet, In Bruges and many others.

Carter has enjoyed live performance, theater and dancing as well as composing for films. The first chamber opera, Carter worked at, was presented in 1991 named the Celestial Alphabet Event. Other popular theater performances, accompanied by Carter, are Lucia’s Chapters, Mother.
April of 2005 was marked by a great success of Burwell in the theater play “Sawbones” by Coens. The composer created and conducted music for the play with The Parabola Ensemble. Among other plays arranged by Burwell Carter there are Hope Leaves the Theater by Charlie Kaufman, Anomalisa by Francis Fregoli. One of the famous quotations by Burwell Carter is: there is always too much of music in a film. There is always more than I used to think there should be. And the reason is either in filmmaker lack of confidence or in movie scoring tradition. It is always better to have something less than to have some more.

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