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Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou is an electronic music composer from Greece. But the world knows him better as Vangelis. He was born in 1943 and at the age of four the young music enthusiast started to compose his first melodical artworks. The renowned composer is a self taught musician. When his passion to music was unveiled, the composer refused to take standard music tutorials. That is why the composer creates in a rather weird manner. He does not have enough knowledge in music to read or write music notations. At the age of six is parent sent the boy to special music school but Vangelis preferred to play melodies from memory rather than to read notations.

In the middle 60s the young Vangelis was engaged in collaboration with various music bands among which there were The Formynx, the band of five playing covers and producing their own singles mostly composed by young genius with lyrics by DJ. Most artworks were performed in English.

In 1968 Vangelis started his own music band together with Demis Roussos which was a real outcry to the popular culture. The progressive rock group performed under the name of Aphrodite’s Child. The albums "666” was recognized as psychedelic classic.

In 70s Vangelis was engaged in composing music scores for some animal documentaries where he was noticed and further drafted into serious film, TV show and game industry. This was the start of his great career and genuine creations in electronic, pop, roc, progressive, digital, gaming, orchestral, jazz and ambient styles. Since that time the composer has been invited in numerous collaborations. He worked together with Jon Anderson as well.

Vangelis composed the Official 2002 FIFA Football CUP Anthem.

The scores for Blade Runner and Chariots of Fire promoted Vangelis into the American Film Institute 250 greatest movie scores chart.

By now the composer has created over 52 albums. He is regarded to be the greatest electronic and digital composer as in his work he majorly relies on synthesizers. He is one of the few contemporary composers creating music which can be named "symphonic electronic” for his usage of synthesizers and other electronic and digital music instruments for composing in orchestral style.

The most notable film works by Vangelis are 1492: Conquest of Paradise, Blade Runner.

The main sound track of Chariots of Fire was taken as presentation music for the first Macintosh machine by Steve Jobs which sounded on the public event.

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