Category:Game | Adventure

  • Genre: Score
  • Music By: Nikolas Sideris
  • Release: 2012
  • Time: 00:36:37
  • Tagline: four ordinary people work together to prevent a potentially cataclysmic disaster 

1. A Night at the Baseball Field
2. Tortoise Security With the Weird
3. Antevorta Muzak
4. Eds' Jazz
5. Intro for a Title
6. Of Fire and Death
7. Police Headquarters
8. Plain Main Menu
9. Anna's Scared
10. Last Goodbye
11. Oz isn't Funny After All
12. In the Vault and Under Pressure
13. Supercollider
14. Subway Muzak
15. What Have We Here
16. Pumped-Up Tortoise Security
17. Pumped-Up Supercollider
18. Sad Juno
19. Sneaking Around
20. Tension Above the City
21. I Will Be There

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"Resonance is a beautiful game. 9/10" -Indie Game Bundles
"Resonance is a well-written, smart sci-fi thriller with empathetic characters and beautiful retro-styled graphics." -Adventure Classic Gaming
"One of the most promising adventure games in years."
"[Resonance is] a smart, atmospheric sci-fi thriller."
"Incredible storytelling and gameplay [...] A real gem." -Destructoid
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