Black Mesa

Black Mesa
Category:Game | Action

  • Genre: Score
  • Music By: Joel Nielsen
  • Released: 2012
  • Time: 00:51:28
  • Tagline: Is a total conversion of Half-Life 2, retelling the original game of Half-Life. 

1. Anomalous Materials
2. Apprehension (Mesa Remix)
3. Apprehension
4. Black Mesa Theme (Mesa Remix)
5. Black Mesa Theme
6. Blast Pit 1
7. Blast Pit 2 (Mesa Remix)
8. Blast Pit 2
9. Blast Pit 3
10. End Credits Part 1
11. End Credits Part 2
12. Forget About Freeman
13. Inbound Part 1
14. Inbound Part 2
15. Inbound Part 3
16. Lambda Core
17. Office Complex (Mesa Remix)
18. Office Complex
19. On a Rail 1
20. On a Rail 2
21. Power Up
22. Questionable Ethics 1
23. Questionable Ethics 2
24. Residue Processing
25. Surface Tension 1
26. Surface Tension 2
27. Surface Tension 3
28. Surface Tension 4
29. Unforeseen Consequences
30. We've Got Hostiles
31. Bonus - On a Rail (leaked)

"After seven years, hundreds of hours and too many song revisions to count, the Black Mesa Soundtrack is finally released. Faced with the impossible task of creating a soundtrack that will pay homage to Half Life 1 and the millions of fans worldwide, I have made production choices that some will most likely question. From a slightly different perspective, I have tried to bring what I feel is the essence of Half Life, to Black Mesa.

I had no prior experience composing soundtracks. Creating the sound effects was a challenge all on its own, but the music was a far greater task than I initially anticipated. Luckily for me, the lengthy development cycle gave me time to learn and experiment with a lot of different ideas.

I wanted to try new musical genres and styles in Black Mesa, while still maintaining a Half Life "feel". A few song re-makes were attempted, but there is no point in re-making something that is already a classic. I know I risk much composing a soundtrack so different, but I am hoping the community will come to like it almost as much as the original."

- Joel Nielsen

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