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What is ost.co?
Our site is designed to collect original soundtracks and scores of movies, cartoons, shows, video games, books for you to listen to original quality sounds, tunes, songs, music pieces ever heard in films, shows, cartoons, games, books. Thousands of different soundtracks as well as film and show albums are available to browse and listen. The site features simple navigation for you to find in one click and enjoy popular and rarely found tunes from the films and shows you like. Each soundtrack, score is followed with a piece of information providing you basic facts on the tracks, source (movie, show, game, etc), composer, date of release, albums featuring a certain desired track, etc. Thus you get an opportunity not only listen to top rated sounds from films and video games but to wise up.
Our collection of scores and soundtracks contains only original tunes used in films. The collection of sounds is regularly added with new scores and soundtracks from newly released films for you to be tuned. 

Original SoundTrack is an integral piece of recorded tube, song accompanying the motion pictures and synchronized to the film scenes. Soundtracks are also heard in TV-shows, books, cartoons, video games. Soundtracks are released in featured albums. Our OST site provides you a opportunity to browse as certain soundtracks so soundtrack albums of movies, shows, books, cartoons. The notion OST stands for original soundtrack. The term is majorly refers to sounds and tunes used to accompany in a film of a show. Only few book soundtracks exist by now. The first commercially used soundtrack was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by Walt Disney of 1937.

Score is music, tunes, sounds heard in background of films, shows, cartoons, video games. The prime distinguishing feature of score is that the tune or a sound is created specifically for a certain part of film or cartoon. Score is a part of a movie soundtrack commonly comprised of instrumental, orchestral pieced synchronized to each scene of the motion. The key aim of each score is to enhance the dramatic effect and emotional spark of every scene. The scores are usually assigned to a team of composers engaged in film production and are supervised by film directors and producers. Movie scores cover great many of music styles and genres.

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